The excursion to Granny Radka’s house can be combined with the following tours:

"NIKE" Boat trip on Kamchia river

The trip duration is approximately 30 minutes: Starting from Pristan Kamchia upstream and back, passing the Fishing village and reaching the debouchment river Kamchia in Black Sea. This piece of paradise is a rare combination of dense forests, The Kamchia River and The Black Sea. The small fishermen’s lodges are attractive and some of them are built with available materials, showing the freedom of the spirit. There are rare species of the Flora and Fauna, most of them included in the European Red List. For more information:

Visiting the apiary in "Poda" district

The Apiary is located in an ecologically clean area, near the river Kamchia. A short information about the bees and their way of life is presented to the visitors. Natural bee honey tasting is offered as well. The duration is about 30-40 min.

Rock complex "Stone Forest" ("Pobiti kamani")

The “Stone Forest” is a natural phenomenon, 18 km away from Varna. It lies on both side of the old road Varna – Sofia. The columns are distributed in small and large groups and cover an area of 7 km². Their height is from 5 to 7 meters, some of them are 0.3 to 3 meters thick. The columns look like enveloped in sand. They are hollow, with no base. Some are created on floors and have a common height of 5 meters.

Visiting the House of Crafts in the village of Priselci

In the House of Crafts in the village of Priselci, you will be welcomed by the friendly hosts, who will show you how to make the musical instruments - bagpipes and drums. You will hear how they sound and you can try playing as well. The hosts will show you ancient crafts such as weaving and pottery. You will enjoy the beautiful garden, with a lot of flowers and domestic animals. Time duration –about 30 min. For more information: tel. 0886211221