Rural tourism in Bulgaria – village of Solnik, Varna municipality (Solnik is 50 km away from Varna).

The hospitable woman Radka welcomes with bread and salts everyone, coming to her house in Solnik already 20 years. In the tour program are included a short trip with a horse cart in the village, a visit in a Bulgarian house, interesting folklore program with songs, dances and dressings (“Bulgarian wedding”, a special dressing for rain dance “Peperuda”) and very delicious lunch of simple national dishes.

All visitors are impressed by the garden, the aromatic grape on the trellis, the colorful flowers, the orchard and the domestic animals. Some of the guests are invited to take part in the dances, dressed in national Bulgarian clothes and everyone can take part in the traditional dance “Pravo horo”.

In Radka’s house-museum the guests can see handmade Bulgarian clothes (“poyas”, “sukman”, “prestilka”, “kalpak”,”riza”), made by the skillful Radka, herself. There is an old loom that shows the technology of the work.

Everyone leaves this place smiling and happy, bringing nice memories, pictures and souvenirs.